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ক্রমিক শিরোনাম প্রকাশের তারিখ ডাউনলোড
Mesbauddin Ahmed, 1975, General reports for the years 1972-74, Rec.GSB.Vol.1, Pt.1. ২০১৭-১০-২১
Vol 1, Part 1- Front Page 1.pdf
M.Abu Bakr.1977, Quaternary Geomorphorphic evolution of the Brahmanbaria, Noakhali area, Comilla and Noakhali District,Bangladesh, Rec.GSB.Vol.1,Pt.2 ২০১৭-১০-২০
Vol 1, Part 2- Front Page and Abstract.pdf
Mohammad Ali and S.M.Nazrul Islam, 1978, Seismic refraction investigation in Nowabganj-Badarganj area, Rangpur District, Bangladesh, Rec.GSB.Vol.1, Pt.3. ২০১৭-১০-১৯
Vol 1, Part 3- Front Page and Abstract.pdf
Geology of Haluaghat-Dhobaura Area, Mymensingh and Netrokona Districts, Bangladesh by M. Nazrul Islam and A. K. M. Khorshed Alam, 1992. ২০১৭-১০-১২
Vol_ 6 Pt_4.pdf
Electrical Resistivity Survey to locate Shallow Basement Features in Phulbari Area, Dinajpur District, Bangladesh by Idris Miah and Md. Noor Alam, 1991. ২০১৭-১০-১২
Vol_6 Pt_3.pdf
Palynology of Girujan Clay, St. Martin’s Island, Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh by Afia Akhter, 1992. ২০১৭-১০-১২
Vol_7 Pt_2.pdf
Gravity and Magnetic Investigations in the Badarganj-Nawabganj-Hilli and Adjoining Areas, Rangpur and Dinajpur Districts, Bangladesh by M. A. Rahman, N. A. Chowdhury, M. N. Hasan, Idris Miah and M. N. Alam, 1994. ২০১৭-১০-১২
Vol_7 Pt_3.pdf
Geology of Khalaspir Coal Basin, Pirganj, Rangpur, Bangladesh by Md. Nazrul Islam, Md. Nehal Uddin, Syed Ali Resan, Md. Sultan-Ul-Islam and Md. Wazed Ali, 1992. ২০১৭-১০-১২
Vol_6 Pt_ 5.pdf
Geological Map and Report of the Western Part of Rajshahi District, Bangladesh by Md. Anwarul Huq, John.W. Whitney, Sujit Kumar Das & Reshad Md. Ekram Ali, 1991. ২০১৭-১০-১১
Vol_ 6 Pt_1.pdf
১০ Geology of Panchagarh District, Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh by Sirajul Islam Khan, Van S. Williams, Sujit Kumar Das and Khondoker Zia Hassan, 1990. ২০১৭-১০-১১
Vol_6 Pt_2.pdf
১১ Petrography of the Sand Samples of the Brahmaputra-Jamuna River Bars by Moonira Akhter Chowdhury, 1989. ২০১৭-১০-১০
Vol 5, Part 5 - Front Page and Abstract.pdf
১২ Geology of Madhupur Tract and Its Adjoining Areas in Bangladesh by Md. Khurshid Alam, 1988. ২০১৭-১০-১০
Vol 5, Part 3 - Front Page and Abstract.pdf
১৩ Gravel Deposits of Bholaganj and Its Adjoining Areas, Sylhet District, Bangladesh by Anisur Rahman and Abdullah Manwar, 1988. ২০১৭-১০-১০
Vol 5, Part 4 - Front Page and Abstract.pdf
১৪ Subsurface Geology of the Limestone Deposits of Jaypurhat Area, Jaypurhat District, Bangladesh by M.A. Zaher, M.K.Alam, Q.M.Arifur Rahman and S.I. Chowdhury, 1986. ২০১৭-১০-০৯
Vol 4, Part 4 - Front Page and Abstract.pdf
১৫ Geology of Madhyapara Area, Dinajpur District, Bangladesh by Anisur Rahman, 1987. ২০১৭-১০-০৯
Vol 5, Part 2 - Front Page and Abstract.pdf
১৬ Glass Sand Deposits of the Chuddagram Area, Comilla District, Bangladesh by M. Nazrul Islam, 1986. ২০১৭-১০-০৯
Vol 4, Part 5 - Front Page and Abstract.pdf
১৭ Stratigraphic Lexicon of Bangladesh, Compiled by