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The prime objective of this branch is to ensure scientific and technological assistance for different research works and analysis of rocks & minerals for carrying Geological activity. For the achievement of this objective, the Petrology and Mineralogy Branch performed the following responsibilities.


1.        Collection, storing and supply of necessary field & scientific equipment as per requirement of the geo-scientist of the organization.

2.        Preparation of report in respect of petrology and mineralogy after completion of analytical and research activities.

3.        Providing necessary internal and external assistance to the office and other public & private organizations as well.




1.        Identification of important minerals and provide guide line of its utilization.

2.        Analysis of different rock specimen (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic), preparation of thin section and grain slide for microscopic and XRD analysis, characteristics of the specimen, determine the properties and identification of the minerals.

3.        Nomenclature of the rock specimen and its property through mineral percentage.

4.        Separation of heavy and light minerals through bromoform and its identification with the help of polarizing microscope and XRD analysis