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This branch consists of a library, a data center, cartography section and printing section. The responsibilities and activities are described below:





The main function of the library is to accrue the library materials (books, journals, publications etc.,) store the same and disseminate those to the readers at the right time. Under exchange/presentation program, this sub-branch sends GSB publications to various institutions of home (34) & abroad (27) and also receives foreign publications from different organizations. Outsiders may also use the library with the permission of the Director General. A numbers of collections of geosciences text books, reference books, journals & publications of about more than 45,000 are found in the GSB Library together with 48 Records of GSB and 03 Published Maps,


Data Center


Data Centre contains 868 unpublished geological, geophysical, geochemical, hydrological, drilling, log reports etc. The scientific officers of GSB after completing their field program submit their research paper to the Data Centre. Only scientific officers of GSB can use this unpublished reports by the permission of the Branch Chief. The reports are reviewed and stored in the


Data Center. Lastly after reviewing by the Editorial board and by the permission of the Director General, the reports are ready for the publication.






        1.        The cartography section produces various types of thematic maps (Geological, Geophysical and others). More especially designing and drawing of different types of curves, histograms, drilling logs, sections, panel diagrams, illustrations are done by the Cartography Section.


2.        Enlargement of small size and shortening of large size maps by map maker machine are also done. 


3.        Procuring of Drawing Equipments and issuing to the concerned officers.




1.        Storage the negatives of various maps of Geological Survey of Bangladesh, which are used for printing or publication purposes.


2.        Under this sub-branch all photographic machines are kept in the storage. These include multimedia projector, slide, overhead, digital and analog camera and are belonging to the concerned officers. When necessary these are issued by the officers of GSB during the field work and especially during seminars, symposium, conferences held.


3.        All printing works (photocopy, cyclostyle, ammonia print) and binding work (Spiral, thermal and stapling binding) are completed this section.