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Planning and Implementation Branch lies under the direct supervision of the Director General. This branch is engaged to monitor different projects, prepare different geoscientific programs, progress reports, and give selection for the local and foreign trainings, provide information to various public and private organisations / institutions and correspondence with Local and International Agencies.

The main responsibilities of this branch are to formulate, evaluate and monitoring of different programs / projects. Besides these the following activities are furnished by this branch-

To prepare the Annual Development Program (ADP) and Revised Annual Development Program (RADP).

To prepare the Annual Field program to correspond to the respective District and Upazilla Administrations for the successful completion of the Annual Field Programs.

To prepare Monthly and Annual Progress Reports of the ongoing projects, prepare Monthly Reports, prepare for reviewing the Quarterly Progress Reports, to send recommendations to the National Economic Council for various problems of GSB and to take necessary steps for its solution.

To take necessary steps for the foreign and local trainings.

To answer the questions about Geological Survey and Mineral Resources for the discussion in the National Parliament.

To supply various information and data for the need of various inistries/Organizations and give advices about geology to various Government/Non-government departments for the development of the mineral resources.

To maintain correspondence with the International Agencies like IUGS, IGCP, CGMW, UNESCO etc. about geosciences.