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The main responsibilities are co-operating scientific and technical activities of the organization by proper management and co-ordination of finance, skilled personnel and other required facilities. This branch is also divided into 4 sub branches in order to maintain and coordinate different activities of other branches of this organization.


A. Admin - 1


1.        Preparing organizational set-up for Geological Survey of Bangladesh and maintain all administrative correspondence with the Ministry and other organizations.

2.        Handle judicial and other cases like writ, court, police cases etc. and all disciplinary cases of gazetted and non gazetted employees.

3.        Gazetted and non gazetted employees recruitments and promotion, sanction of time scale, selection grade scale of all classes of employees and prepare and store various office records including annual confidential records (ACR).

4.        Prepare monthly, periodical and annual reports of manpower and other matters of GSB.

5.        Designation and re-designation of all class of employees of the organization.

6.        Organize tour order, training, assignment and transfer of all class – 2 and non gazetted employee.

7.        Daily wager sanction for annual field program.


B. Admin - 2


1.        Concern about gazetted officers all kind of leave cases such as LAP, LHP, rest and recreation etc., ex-Bangladesh leave cases and study leave for higher education at home and abroad and also preserve personal documents of all officers of GSB.

2.        Handle pay fixation, pay equalization and all pension cases including benevolent and group insurance cases of gazetted officers.

3.        Financial help from the board of trustees for medical treatment and others, also education scholarship for non gazetted employee’s kids.

4.        Passport and identity card for all classes of employees and forward application for staff bus ticket of all employees of GSB.


C. Admin – 3


1.        Handle all kinds of leaves and pension cases (normal pension, family pension, group pension, benevolent fund etc.) of class – 3 employees.

2.        Approve promotion, selection grade, time scale, new pay scale and all kinds of fixations of class – 3 employees.

3.        Summarize service records over the service books and send it to the Audit office.


D. Admin - 4


1.        Grant periodical increment, time scale, selection grade and pay fixation of class – 4 employees.

2.        Sanction all kinds of leaves and pension cases, benevolent fund, group insurance etc. of class – 4 employees.

3.        Reserve personal file and service book of class – 4 employees and send it to the Audit office.

Admin 4 has also some sections. They are


a)       Bill and Cash Section


1.        Prepare of all kinds of bill (pay bill, contingency bill, advance bill, T.A. bill etc.)

2.        Verify expenditure with audit office and reply all kinds of objectionable bills.

3.        Handle revenue earn by selling tender schedule and deposits in the bank.

4.        Correspondence with the ministry and AG office.

b)       Budget and Audit Section


1.        Budget estimation, fund allocation and budget meeting in the administrative and finance ministry.

2.        Prepare expenditure report, audit reply and meeting and perform monthly / periodical audit.

3.        Process house building, motor cycle, motor car and computer loan, all lone correspondence of C.A.O. office.

4.        Sanction G.P.F. of gazetted and non gazetted employees and accounts reconciliation of C.A.O. office.


c)       Security Section (Unit – 1)


1.        Maintain total security of GSB office.

2.        Accommodate residence for officers and staffs of GSB.

3.        Connect line for officers and pay telephone bills, city corporation tax and water tax

d)       Security Section (Unit – 2)


1.        Maintain water pump, lift, electric work, sanitary work, store and pay office cleaner’s bill and electricity supply bill.

2.        Supervise office cleaning and cleaners.

3.        Concern with the construction expenditure and maintenance of Bogra, Chittagong and Khulna office.


e)       Transport Section


1,     Maintain, supervise and provide transport according to demand.

2.     Distribute vehicles for the geoscientific work according to the type of work and field area,

3.     Renew driving license for drivers, fitness certificate of vehicles and registered newly procured vehicles.


f)        Workshop Section


1.        Maintenance, repairing and overhauling of transport vehicle, drilling rig, mud pump, generator and other machineries.

2.        Auto electric work of vehicle, rig, pump and generator.

3.        All kind of machining of different machineries.

4.        Make of core boxes and wall board, repair of office furniture and all sorts of carpentry work.

5.        Done all kinds of gas and electric welding and also all kinds of painting work.


g)       Procurement Section


1.        Purchase all scientific, laboratory, chemical and computer equipment, drilling equipment, vehicle and vehicle spare parts, furniture items and other required items for GSB.

2.        Inviting tenders both revenue and GOB development projects.

3.        Attending TOC and TEC meeting, issuing work order and store inspection after receiving goods.


h)       Store Section


1.        Indent, receive and issue all kinds of scientific, laboratory, chemical and computer equipments, furniture items, vehicle spare parts, drilling items and drilling spare parts.

2.        Indent, receive and issue all kinds of goods supplied from BG press and purchased by development project of GSB.

Bogra Camp office


Bogra Camp office of Geological Survey of Bangladesh is a complete equipment and Machinery store. It consists of  03 (Three) Nissan Hut and one core library. There are two sections

a)     Security section


Security section which look affter entire security system of the Camp office. Ther are 07 nos of staffs this section.


b)     Store section


The other section is stores. Store section runs 02 (two) nos staffs. Store maintains 30 nos of stock registers. The main activity of GSB Camp office is as under.


·          To provide all kind of supports to field parties, those who arrive at Bogra for field work, specially in the Northern part of Bangladesh.

·          For the sake of rapid extensive Geological investigation work and drilling operation Bogra Camp office full assistance to Geological party, Drilling party, and field parties. Bogra store issues drilling equipments, Machinery, core, Camping equipment and Explosive as per of field parties.

·          Bogra Camp office assists periodical mantenance program of drilling equipments and many conducted by the drilling parties.

·          Bogra stores maintain stock registers up to data other receiving of issued drilling equipments and spear from field parties. It also provide co-operation to Yearly physical verification.

·          As per equipment of difference Institutions Bogra Camp office provide data and core sample from its core library helping their research.