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Bangladesh is mostly covered by thick sediments. Hence deferent geophysical methods are adopted by the Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB), as a must, to investigate and evaluate the subsurface features as well as economic deposits if any.


In these Geological Investigation programs the most important part is to collect data on physical properties of subsurface materials and features by using different types of Geophysical methods and equipments depending on the objective of the investigation. After processing and analyzing all these data, Geophysical reports are prepared with interpretation on subsurface made in these reports necessary decisions are taken.




 To implement any Geophysical interpretation of GSB, Geophysical data Analysis and Maintenance of Equipment branch plays an important role by providing logistic support to other geological branches to perform their field work and data analysis. Thus the activities of this branch could broadly be described as follows:


 1)           All geophysical instrument belongs to GSB are kept under this branch in the Geophysical laboratories for storage, calibrations and periodical maintenance.


 2)            Geophysical programs of all other geophysical branches are supported by providing instruments i working conditions and also assisted in the field by operating geophysical instruments as per necessity.


3)               Provide facilities for geophysical data processing and analyzing by computers with geophysical software kept in the laboratories of the branch.


4)                The explosive magazine of GSB in Jaypurhat district is also looked after and maintained by this branch.


5)                Besides all these active Geophysical Data Analysis and Maintenance of Equipment branch helps to perform bore-hole logging as and when required.


6)                On the other hand upgrading the geophysical laboratory by collecting new instruments and better geophysical software is one of major duties of this branch.




Geophysical Data Analysis and Maintenance of Equipment branch has successfully performed all its duties till now and has extended its full co-operation with other geophysical branches in implementation of all geophysical survey so far done by GSB.