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Stratigraphy & Biostratigraphy branch is one of the significant branch of GSB. Two different laboratories (Stratigraphy and Biostratigraphy) are associated with it. This branch offers different scientific research work to meet the requirements of this organization. The name of the branch is according to the subject Stratigraphy & Biostratigraphy. The subject deals with the mutual relationship and succession of rocks. It aims at the grouping of natural association of rocks, establishing their ages and correlating them with rock formation of different areas.  Biostratigraphy is based on the study of fossil records of micro organisms, such as foraminifera, radiolaria, ostracodes, diatoms, pollens and spores etc. can be collected from the surface and subsurface rock samples and even from the cores of the bore holes which have wide application for the classification and correlations of the rock formations and in the exploration of petroleum and natural gas.




Natural association of various rock types, their structure, textures and microfossil content reflect the physico-chemical conditions under which the rocks were laid down. Such an interpretation of past conditions of deposition of rocks helps in reconstruction of past relief of the earth’s surface at the time of formation of these rocks.


Correlations of the geological sections are being carried out to determine the vertical and lateral variations of the stratigraphic units and establish the stratigraphic condition of Bangladesh.




This branch perform the following activities

1.        Takes yearly research oriented project. Under this project stratigraphic survey, collection of samples from geological formation, process and analysis of the sample in the laboratory and finally preparation of reports are the main target and activities of the branch.

2.        Research works are carry out to correlate among the formations from different part of the country.

3.        Give scientific and technical assistance to Educational and Research Institutions for their students and researchers.