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Mineral search have always been high agenda of activities of Geological Survey of Bangladesh. The Economic Geology and Resource Assessment Branch since its establishment have been making all out efforts for unveiling mineral resources (except oil and gas) disseminated throughout the country and concealed beneath the surface. The efforts of the surveys over the years through this branch have yielded rich natural resources by the way of crediting the nation with pride discoveries of coal, peat, glass sand, white clay, limestone, hard rocks etc required for diverse industries. To expedite exploration activities various projects are being implemented by its skilled manpower for locating and evaluating newer mineral resources is a routine work of this branch.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • The branch has been carrying out mineral evaluation and resource inventory with the following objects:
  • To conduct reconnaissance survey for identifying resource potential zones, by using satellite imagery, aerials photographs and geological maps.
  • To conduct systematic survey of geological, geophysical, geochemical and finally test drilling for confirmation of mineral resources.
  • To identify favorable target areas for resource evaluations through reconnaissance surveys and delineate extensions of known deposits.

  • To assess the exploitable reserves and also render advice on quarry planning, mining etc. so as to increase recovery and sustain from failures.
  • To study petrological (mineralogical, textural, microstructure etc.), geotechnical and geochemical properties of the economic deposits and to asses market suitability and thereby delineate promising and productive zones.

  • To delineate the limits of different varieties (White clay, Coal, Silica Sand etc.) and categorize them based on specifications for use in domestic and foreign market.
  • To construct regional geology through stratigraphic studies (study of rock sequences, identification, correction etc.)
  • To study environmental problems that might have been arisen due to mining/ quarrying and suggest remedial measures for eco-friendly and sustainable development.
  • To create database on geology, resource potential and properties.
  • To evaluate of the mineral deposits and preparation of feasibility report.
  • To upgrade its capabilities and to develop expertise through procuring modern equipments and arranging training for its researchers in home and abroad.

To prepare geo-scientific data base technical reports, maps and other publications.        

Some achievements:

      The Economic Geology and Resource Assessment branch has been making phenomenal contributions to the all-round development of the nation by the way of locating and evaluating various mineral resources required for diverse industries. Till the end of 2009 more than 180 wells have been drilled with drilling depth covered more than 43000 meters for mineral exploration, stratigraphic studies, testing programs etc. Among the mineral discoveries, the low sulfur high volatile Bituminous Coal at Barapukuria and Dighipara of Dinajpur and Khalaspir of Rangpur districts and Madhyapara hard rock of Dinajpur districts are noteworthy to mention. These shallower discoveries have opened newer windows of exploration activities in 

Bangladesh. Besides these, Glass Sand, White clay, Limestone, Peat and Gravel deposits are also discovered in deferent part of the country. Minerals deposits discovered along the coastal part and in the sand bars of different rivers have also been proved as huge potential of valuable industrial mineral resource. Through the discoveries of Gondwana coal and hard rock, Bangladesh has entered into the mining era and now underground mining operations are being implemented at Barapukuria Madhyapara by Brapukuria Coal Mining Company Ltd and Madhyapara Granite Rock Mining Company Ltd respectively. Due to exploration of coal from the coal mines and with the emergence of new coal based industries and power plants are contributing significantly to the national economy of Bangladesh.     

Branch Chief:

Dr. Md. Nehal Uddin 

Phone: 880 9349550 (office)