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Analytical Chemistry Branch is one of the core disciplines like Geology, Geophysics, and Drilling. Analytical Chemistry Branch has a very fundamental role in executing overall function of GSB. The main objectives of this branch are to provide chemical and geo-chemical data of the geological investigation and exploration work. The analytical Chemistry laboratory is now equipped with most modern Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) with Graphite furnace, (Spectra AA 55B, VARIAN), Microwave Digestion system (MAKS, CEM CORP.), and Volta metric Analyzer (797 VA Computrace, Metrohm). Besides these, UV/Visible Spectrophotometer, Flame Analyzer, Bomb Calorimeter, Muffle Furnace, Different type of Fume hood, High calibration Balance etc. are widely used in this laboratory. Different wet methods are also used in qualitative and quantitative analysis.




·          Provides major data/inputs to make a geological mapping, identification of mineral resources and geo-hazards.

·          To undertake systematic and accurate chemical analysis of a wide range of samples like clay, rock, coal, sand, ground and surface water.

·          To carry out chemical analysis of some imported raw materials and chemicals supplied by Customs & Excise department.

·          Reconnaissance and co-ordination to identify valuable minerals supplied by govt. and non govt. organization and evaluate its economic importance.

·          GSB provides helps for research works.




·          Qualitative and quantitative analysis of coal ash, determine the use of coal ash.

·          Recovery of Chromium from the effluent of tannery wastes.

·          Determination the state of toxicity of surface and ground water in and around Dhaka city.