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It is one of the principle branches of the Geological Survey of Bangladesh. The branch deals with geo-chemical exploration work by own personnel of the branch and also in collaboration with other branches for the investigation of subsurface mineral deposits and also did research based work on environmental aspects.  In laboratory detail differential geo-chemical analyses have been done both surface and subsurface drill hole samples to find out the pathway of mineral deposits, identified the mineral bearing zones or at least to determine the clues of mineral deposits in an area.


The personnel of this Branch did work on arsenic investigation in different parts of the country and at the same time they did some work on geochemical behavior and contamination of water of Buriganga River. At present the personnel of this branch is working in on arsenic investigation in the costal areas of Bangladesh under the field activities of the project Titled “Investigation of mineral resources and determination of vulnerable areas in the coastal part of Bangladesh”. Field investigation has been revealed some patients of arsenic diseases. During 2002-2003, detail fieldwork was done  in Kasba and Brahmanpara upazila of Brahmanbaria District.