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  • To complete the nation-wide geological mapping program at 1 : 50 000 Scale,
  • To complete the revised geological activities in relation with the 2-year extension of the on-going project “Geological exploration for the identification of mineral resources and the areas vulnerable to natural hazards in the coastal parts of Bangladesh”,
  • 3-year-long (2010-2013) research project, named ”Integrated geological mapping of the Chalanbil area to unveil the Quaternary records and climate changes”, has already been undertaken by this branch which  would hopefully be implemented within the stipulated time frame,
  • To extend supports to Government, semi-government, NGO and other organizations in connection with Geological Mapping and information,
  • To carry out special type of Quaternary Research,
  • Development of Mapping Data-base will be Continued,
  • To continue effort to construct a Quaternary Stratigraphy of Bangladesh,
  • To establish an independent Quaternary Research Laboratory,
  • To share acquired knowledge with the home and abroad researchers etc.


- Innovation workplan for FY 2017-18