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·          Planning and Implementation

·          Editorial and Publication

·          Geological Mapping and Quaternary Geology

·          Coastal and Marine Geology

·          Petrology and Mineralogy

·          Remote Sensing and GIS

·          Geochemistry and Water Resources

·          Analytical Chemistry

·          Economic Geology and Resource Assessment

·          Urban and Engineering Geology  

·          Environmental Geology and Natural Hazard Assessment

·          Stratigraphy and Biostratigraphy

·          Drilling

·          Geophysical Data Analysis

·          Gravity and Magnetic Survey

·          Seismic and Electrical Survey

·          Operation and Co-ordination.

Besides the above mentioned branches there are four cells and a training centre in the GSB. These are of Computer Cell, Earthquake Research cell, IT Cell, Geophysical Research Cell and Geoscience Awareness Training Centre (GATC).