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Remote Sensing and GIS method plays a vital role in all sorts of geoscientific works. Using aerial photographs, satellite images (SPOT, TM, MSS, RADAR etc.), vast area can be easily observed and analyzed in short time. This branch mainly does-

 ● Year interval geomorphological and geological change detection,

● Geo-environmental degradation detection.

● Physiography, drainage and  lineament study.

● River course shifting, Bank erosion, new land mass accretion and depletion detection.

● Land use planning.

●Report preparation on the basis of geoscientific information of national policy makers and national & international geoscientists.

This branch is also responsible to look after the Photogrammetry & Map Library and the Survey department. The Photogrammetry & Map Library are responsible for:

● Collection of hard copies of year interval Topographical maps, aerial photographs, Satellite images, Bathymetric Chart, Bench mark/Spot height and different types of Stereoscopes.

● Issues above year interval maps, images and different instruments to the geoscientists of all branches of Geological Survey of Bangladesh for   research and field works according to their demands.


The Survey department is responsible for:

 ● Land Survey such as Plain Table Survey, Theodolite Survey, Topographic Survey and Leveling.

● Demarcation of the Land according to the geoscientists in field works.

● Preparation of contour map by applying Contour Survey defining rise-fall of the  land (R.L-Reduced Level).

● Operating Engineering Survey for embankment construction.