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The main functions of GSB are as follows:

·          To investigate in detail such areas as are indicated by geological mapping to be favorable for accumulation of industrial rocks, mineral fuel, ground water and other natural resources.

·          To investigate in detail and conduct extensive geophysical, test drilling and geochemical operation in order to evaluate the known mineral deposits.

·          To conduct stratigraphic studies to identify, correlate and determine the sequence of rock units in support of mapping and exploration programs, including age determination by fossils and other geochronological methods.

·          To conduct geological investigation in connection with construction of dams, canals, tunnels, highways, bridges, new townships and other public construction projects so as to advise the sponsoring agencies about geological feasibility of such construction projects.

·          To carry out marine geological and geophysical investigation and geomorphological studies of river basins and the deollolta regions.

·          To undertake systematic sampling of mineral fuels and ground water resources and to carry out mineralogical and chemical analysis of the samples.

·          To conduct research in various fields of geology.

·          To advise the public and private organizations in all matters connected with geology and resources of the earth.

·          Delineation of affected areas and find out source and origin of Arsenic and other toxic elements in ground water.