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Rec. GSB. Vol-7, Pt-5

Results of Petrographic Studies and Chemical Analyses of the Crystalline Drill Cores from the Barapukuria Area, Parbatipur Thana, Dinajpur District, Bangladesh by Md. Munir Hussain and Gary C. Curtin, 1995.


Rec. GSB. Vol-8, Pt-1

Geology and Coal Deposit of Barapukuria Basin, Dinajpur District, Bangladesh by M. Abu Bakr, 1996.


Rec. GSB. Vol-8, Pt-2

Geology of the Hatiya Island, Noakhali District, Bangladesh by Pradip Kumar Sen Gupta and Sirajur Rahman Khan, 1996.


Rec. GSB. Vol-8, Pt-3

Sub-surface Geology and Prospect of Mineral Resources in the Patnitola Area, Naogaon District, Bangladesh by Abdullah Manwar and Md. Khurshid Alam, 1998.


Rec. GSB. Vol-8, Pt-4

Sub-surface Geology of Dariapur Area, Gaibandha, Bangladesh by Q. M. Arifur Rahman, Pradip Kumar Sen Gupta and Md. Nehal Uddin, 1997. 


Rec. GSB. Vol-8, Pt-5

Regional Gravity and Magnetic Survey of the Mitapukur-Madarpur Area, Rangpur District, Bangladesh by Mohammad Nurul Hasan and Md. Momin Kamaluddin, 1998.


Rec. GSB. Vol-9, Pt-1

Detailed Gravity and Magnetic Profiling Surveys over Barapukuria Coal Basin Area, Dinajpur District, Bangladesh by Idris Miah and Md. Noor Alam, 1996.


Rec. GSB. Vol-9, Pt-2

Seismic Refraction Survey in Phulbaria-Barapukuria Area, Dinajpur District, Bqangladesh by M. Noor Islam and K. M. Shamsul Arefin, 1995.


Rec. GSB. Vol-9, Pt-3

Geology of the Southern Parts of Khulna and Bagherhat Districts, Bangladesh by Md. Anwarul Azeem and Md. Khalequzzaman, 1994.


Rec. GSB. Vol-9, Pt-4

Investigation of Volcanic Ash in Tanor and Godagari Upazilas, Rajshahi District and Its Possible Correlation with Other Areas by Sohail Kabir, 2001.


Rec. GSB. Vol-9, Pt-5

Regional Gravity and Magnetic Investigations in Pirganj-Khalaspir and Adjoining Areas of Rangpur District, Bangladesh by Idris Miah and Muhammad Arifuzzaman, 1997. 


Rec. GSB. Vol-10, Pt-1

Digital Processing and Interpretation of Gravity and Magnetic Data, Rangpur-Dinajpur Area, Bangladesh by M. A. Rahman, Idris Miah and H. R. Blank, 2000.


Rec. GSB. Vol-10, Pt-2

Geology of the Southern Part of Habiganj District, Bangladesh by Md. Anwarul Huq, Md. Khairul Islam, Mahmud Hasan and John W. Whitney, 2003.


Rec. GSB. Vol-10, Pt-3

Geology of Barguna District, Bangladesh by Sirajur rahman Khan, 2003


Rec. GSB. Vol-10, Pt-4

Stratigraphic Section, Bandarban Area, Bandarban District, Bangladesh by Mujibur Rahman Khan and Md. Nehal Uddin, 2003.


Rec. GSB. Vol-10, Pt-5

Petrographic Study of Some Core Samples of Basement Rocks Collected from Different Drill Holes of Northern Part of Bangladesh by Pradip Kumar Sen Gupta, Asma Huque and Salma Akter, 2004.


Rec. GSB. Vol-11, Pt-2

Abrasive Sands of Panchagarh, Northern Parts of Thakurgaon and Nilphamari Districts, Bangladesh by K.S.A. Harun and Afroja Perveen, 2004.


Rec. GSB. Vol-11, Pt-5

Geology of Parts of Tangail and Mymensingh Districts, Bangladersh by A. K. M. Khorshed Alam, Donald A. Coats, Kamrul Hasan Mannan, Delwar Ahmed and Saidul Hossain, 2008.



List of Maps

     Geological Map of Bangladesh, Scale 1:1000,000; 1990.

     Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Map of Bangladesh, Scale 1:1000,000, 1990.

     Aeromagnetic Anomaly Map of Bangladesh, Scale 1:1000,000, 1990.

Publication by ESCAP

    Geology for Land-use Planning in Tropical Deltas, Greater Dhaka City (Keraniganj Upazila), Bangladesh, (Atlas of Urban Geology, Vol.5) by Sirajur Rahman Khan, Sujit Kumar Das and Resad Md. Ekram Ali,1991.

    Atlas of Urban Geology, Vol.II, Urban Geology of Dhaka, Bangladesh, by A.T.M. Asaduzzaman , Harold.