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Abstracts:National Seminar on Bangladesh Coast : Geology, Hazards and Resources (29-30 May, 2011)




Rec. GSB. Vol-1, Pt-1

General Report for the Years 1972-74 by  Mesbauddin  Ahmed, 1975


Rec. GSB. Vol-1, Pt-2

Quaternary Geomorphic Evolution of the Brahmanbaria-Noakhali Area, Comilla and Noakhali District, Bangladesh by M. Abu Bakar, 1977.


Rec. GSB. Vol-1, Pt-3

Seismic Refraction Investigation in Nawabganj-Badarganj Area, Rangpur District, Bangladesh by Mohammad Ali and S.M. Nazrul Islam, 1978.


Rec. GSB. Vol-2, Pt-2

Geology of the Southern Part of Sylhet District, Bangladesh by Q.M. Arifur Rahman, 1979.


Rec. GSB. Vol-2, Pt-3

Geology of the Northern Part of Chittagong District, Bangladesh by M. Mominullah , 1978.


Rec. GSB. Vol-2, Pt-4

Geology of the Eastern and the NorthEastern Part of Sadar Sub-division, Sylhet District, Bangladesh by M.Maroof Khan, 1978.


Rec. GSB. Vol-2, Pt-5

Stratigarphy and Petrology of Tipam Sandstone in Bangladesh by Kamaluddin Bhuiyan and M. Mominullah, 1978.


Rec. GSB. Vol-3, Pt-1

Slope Instability and Construction Damage at Mercantile Marine Academy, Chittagong District, Bangladesh by K. M. Shahidul Hasan, 1981.


Rec. GSB. Vol-3, Pt-2

Black Clay Deposit of Mirpur Area, Dhaka District,Bangladesh by M. Nazrul Islam, 1985.


Rec. GSB. Vol-3, Pt-3

Geology of the Chandraghona-Kaptai Area, Rangamati District, Bangladesh by Q.M. Arifur Rahman, M.Z.Mohiuddin and Md. Hasan, 1985.


Rec. GSB. Vol-3, Pt-4

Glass Sand Deposits of the Balijuri Area, Sherpur District, Bangladesh by M. Mahtabul Islam, 1985.


Rec. GSB. Vol-3, Pt-5

Geology of Rawangchari-Ruma Area, Bandarban District, Bangladesh by M.K. Alam and A.A. Quraishi, 1985.


Rec. GSB. Vol-4, Pt-1

Limestone Deposits of Lalghat, Sunamganj, District, Bangladesh by Anisur Rahman and M.Nazrul Islam, 1985.


Rec. GSB. Vol-4, Pt-2

Limestone Deposits of Bhangerghat, Sunamganj District, Bangladesh by Anisur Rahman and M. Nazrul Islam, 1985.


Rec. GSB. Vol-4, Pt-3

White Clay (Kaolin) Deposits of Bijaipur Area, Netrakona District Bangladesh, by M. Nazrul Islam, 1985.