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Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources

Energy & Mineral Resources Division

Geological Survey of Bangladesh

153 Pioneer Road, Segunbagicha, Dhaka-1000

Phone:+88 02 49349502, Fax: +88 02 9339309

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web: www.gsb.gov.bd, www.mpemr.gov.bd


Immediately after the liberation of Bangladesh in December 1971, Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB) started their operation with limited resources and manpower. Affiliated with the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, GSB had a rich heritage to boast upon. Initially, the inception of GSB started with the €˜Geological Survey of India€™, set up by the Government of British India in 1851, which changed to Geological Survey of Pakistan nearly a hundred years later in 1947, right after the partition. Eventually, a regional office was set up in Dhaka in 1957 with a constrained geo-scientific manpower, facilities and proper staff members. Soon after independence, Geological Survey of Pakistan changed its name to Geological Survey of Bangladesh. The need to upgrade GSB was felt with the belief that a national organization with trained geo-scientific and technical manpower, with adequate laboratory and research facilities is crucial to the nation's development in the arena of earth science, which includes locating key natural resources that would be beneficial for Bangladesh in the long run. A decision by the Cabinet Division on the 20 November, 1972 gave GSB the responsibility of carrying out exploration of mineral resources with the exception of oil and gas and venture out in the research in different fields of geo-science. GSB was declared a permanent department by the Government of the People'€™s Republic of Bangladesh in 1980.


The Geological Survey of Bangladesh conducts geoscientific activities and systematic geological mapping within Bangladesh territory from it's headquarter (HQ) in Dhaka and a camp office at Bogra. The HQ is situated in a multistoried building established on a land of about 1 acre at Segunbagicha, one of the busiest part of the city, with a floor space of 1313 square meters (1,06,328 square of feet). With plans to set up a regional office, GSB constructed an office building that included storage areas at a calm and quiet premise at Bogra Town covering an area of about 4.25 acres of land. Declaration of the regional office at Bogra is under active consideration by the government. To extend and strengthen its activities, GSB procured lands in Chittagong and Khulna for setting up two other regional offices. Further development works still awaits official approval.

The Geological Survey of Bangladesh has been entrusted with the responsibilities of geological mapping, investigation and exploration of mineral resources (excepting oil and gas) and other geo-scientific research works. In addition to these activities, GSB conducts geological investigation in connection with various civil engineering constructions, water resources management, and various sorts of land use, geo-environmental studies, environmental hazards and urban geological mapping. The Geological Survey of Bangladesh advises the government, semi-government and private organizations on matters related to geology. Other important responsibilities include:


-To investigate the locations in detail indicated by geological mapping to be favorable for accumulation of industrial rocks, mineral fuel, ground water and other natural resources.

-To investigate in detail and conduct extensive geophysical, test drilling and geochemical operation in order to evaluate the known mineral deposits.

-To conduct stratigraphic studies to identify, correlate and determine the sequence of rock units in support of mapping and exploration programs, including age determination of fossils by geo-chronological methods.

-To conduct geological investigation in the construction of dams, canals, tunnels, highways, bridges, new townships and other public construction projects in order to advise the sponsoring agencies about geological feasibility of such construction projects.

-To carry out marine geological, geophysical investigation and geo-morphological studies of river basins and delta regions.

-To undertake systematic sampling of mineral fuels and ground water resources to carry out mineralogical and chemical analysis of the samples.

-To advise the public and private organizations in all matters related to geology and resources acquired naturally.

-Delineation of affected areas and locating the source and origin of arsenic and other toxic elements in ground water.